John Boehner

As Speaker of the House, John Boehner has led the charge to cut billions from health, education and social programs for America’s children.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz led the fight to shut down the government in an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act—which extends funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) through FY 2015 and continues the authority for the program through 2019.

Steve Southerland

Millions of families depend on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to feed their children, but Steve Southerland is fighting to make it harder for them to receive assistance. His attempt to introduce new requirements for food stamps killed the entire farm bill. Ultimately Southerland’s proposal failed—but food stamps were still cut by $8.7 billion.

Virginia Foxx

When the House voted 403-13 for a bipartisan resolution simply stating support for the “goals and ideals of the National School Lunch Program,” Virginia Foxx was one of just 13 extreme members to vote against the resolution.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan's budget is particularly bad for children. The Ryan Budget kicks more than 200,000 children out of pre-school by cutting funds for Head Start; forces states to fire 65,000 teachers and aides; and cuts nearly a billion dollars in food and health care assistance to pregnant women, new moms, and children.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul sits on the Senate Health Subcommittee on Children and Families—but he’s so extreme, he compared food stamps to slavery. He also said that if you believe in a right to healthcare, “you believe in slavery".

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