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Hard political evidence exists that a strategy of supporting investments in children can make the difference between winning and losing elections. The reason for the issue’s potency is clear: voters of all stripes overwhelmingly support creating learning opportunities for children, protecting children, and providing them with comprehensive health coverage. National and state polls commissioned by Vote Kids and a separate but related organization all show the same pattern.


  • Want more investments in children;
  • Think that the needs of kids are routinely elbowed aside by stronger forces;
  • Have little idea where their elected officials stand on kid’s issues;
  • Have little understanding of the substantial role the federal government plays in funding children’s programs;
  • Will vote for politicians who they think support kids, and
  • Will vote against those who they think are unkind to kids.

We believe it is essential to declare an affirmative, optimistic, research-driven message to “persuadable” voters that:

  • Investing in proven children’s programs is the smart and cost-efficient thing to do. It makes the U.S. stronger as we compete in a global economy, provides us with the young people needed to participate in our armed forces, and it helps support an aging population, and
  • It’s the right thing to do.

In addition, we must also:

  • Make sure those with unfriendly votes against children don’t get a free pass. It’s important to make the connection that 60% to 80% of public funds for children, other than for education, comes from Washington and are in the domain of their federal delegation.

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